Ways to Keep Your Car Safe on the Road 

    Travelers put their cars to almost any imaginable spot: as a place to hide things, eat, take shelter from elements, and even live. You want to take some precautions to protect it and the things inside it since your car can almost be your home while you are away from home while traveling. Here are some ways to help you guard your car and everything in it as you travel. 

    Load and Hide Your Stuff  

    Valet queue, parking spot, and everything that you plan to leave in the car must be already being well stowed and hidden by the time you pull into a hotel lot. To focus their attentions if they want to rip you off, it is essential to pull your spot and then take your most valuable items and put them in the trunk. 

     Before you even get into the car at the beginning of your trip, the best way is to put your things in the trunk or another safe compartment. 

    Unload Your Stuff Away From Your Parking Spaces 

    Similarly, you will surely want to take your stuff out of the car and away from the lot if you are planning to return to the exact parking area. Eventually, someone will notice if you open the trunk and take out all the good stuff each moment your return to your car. To be able to pull over somewhere safe away from either your home base or destination and getting your stuff is the best case. 

    Choose Your Parking Space Wisely 

    It is advisable that you park in view of the exit toll booths or parking office if possible or just within the view of a shuttle pick up or kiosk if you are in airport lots. Potential thieves will be discouraged by the increased foot traffic and eyeball count. It is also good to park in well-lit areas since most airports have lots of surveillance cameras in place which adds security. 

    Use Parking Garage 

    So if you are uncomfortable with your street parking options, you must use a parking garage instead because parking on the street is the most vulnerable place to be. It is true that you are safer in a parking garage but it doesn’t mean that you are invulnerable.  

    Assume Thieves Want to Steal Your Car 

    Rather than break into a car, it is most likely that thieves will try to steal a car outright. They can take things that are valuable inside your car and they can just easily market your car somewhere else for more money. 

    It is always a good idea to park your car in a well-lit place where it is likely to have foot traffic and a lesser chance for your car get stolen. It is also essential to take note of the visual cues that can deter a thief such as steering wheel lock or a blinking alarm system light which will somehow discourage potential thieves even if you do not have one. 

    In case of being stranded on the road, you will surely ask for assistance from car towing services dayton. It is crucial that you pick the right and credible towing company because there are some instances wherein the towing services will be used as means to steal your car. 


Green Malay Kratom: Feel Better In and Out 

Dubbed as the “Super Green Malay” due to its high potency and impact, the Green Malay Kratom is used in Malaysia for centuries now due to its energizing and enjoyable effects. Compared to the known Maeng Da strain, this variant is considered to be “better” with an energy boost that lasts longer at a lower price. But surely, it relies heavily to each user which between the two will work best for them. 

Commonly known as “ketum” in Malaysia, the Mitragyna speciosa or popularly known as kratom leaves show a similar behavior to that of μ-opioid receptor agonists, such as morphine, demonstrate some stimulant-like effects, and are used in the treatment of aches, common pains, diarrhea, fever, and insomnia. It said that the Green Malay Kratom is suitable to relieve body pain, which leads to a better mood and an improvement in mental energy. Moreover, it is also effective against ADD, anxiety, and depression. 

Benefits of Green Malay Kratom 

Gaining a huge following among kratom users, the Green Malay Kratom has numerous positive effects. Some of its health benefits are the following: 

  • Euphoria 
  • Improved mood 
  • Less stress and anxiety 
  • More energy 
  • Pain relief 

These positive effects will benefit those who suffer from losing strength, focus, and determination. With its general soothing effect, it is suitable for individuals struggling in a stressful and demanding environment. As a powerful antioxidant, the Green Malay can also protect your cells from damage and enhance your immune system. The Green Malay Kratom is also said to regulate dopamine levels. And with healthy dopamine levels follows a pleasant state of mind.  

Side Effects of Green Malay Kratom 

There are two sides of a story: the good and the bad. Therefore, consuming more than the recommended amount of the substance is surely bad news. With the excess intake, here are some of the possible side effects of Green Malay Kratom: 

  • Excessive sweating, itchiness 
  • Hyperactivity 
  • Inability to focus 
  • Jitters 
  • Light brain fog 

Similar side effects can also be experienced with the excess consumption of other strains of kratom as well. Therefore, use kratom responsibly. In anything that we do to our body, moderation is the key. 

Is Green Malay Kratom For You? 

You might be wondering if you should give Green Malay Kratom a try. Especially if this will be your first attempt at kratom, it is better to be safe than sorry. Generally, people suffering from arthritis, migraines, and osteoporosis will find it great. It also works well for those having poor concentration and feeling low.  So, if you’re already someone who likes kratom, to experience it is a must. 

Overall, Green Malay Kratom relieves pain and improves your mood and energy level. As a pain relief, it is useful for everyday use in order to maximize your productivity wherever you may be, at work, at school, or even at home. Less pain means more energy to enjoy your day to the fullest. And with its dark oval-shaped leaves which produce effects that lasts up to 8 hours, its unbelievable lifespan keeps the users coming back for more. 


Design Tips to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom  

Know the following proven and tested design hacks to avoid future headaches as you do your next bathroom remodel San Francisco project. Find out more below:   

Choose the ideal vanity   

Vanity mirrors are not only intended for looks. Have one excessively big and you can mess up the traffic routes of your bathroom. If you get too small, you will be wanting more storage and countertop space. Choose the wrong material and you will get maintenance issues with you.   

Consider a tiny tub   

For small bathrooms, you may believe that you can’t have a bathtub of your own. However, companies are already making their models smaller today to cater to little chic areas.   

Think about getting a corner sink.   

You can also think about placing your sink in the corner if you have a close space with possible traffic-flow issues because of how the shower door or entry door swings open. Doing so can help in freeing up more space.   

Plan the ideal height for your sink   

Usually, countertops are 32-34 in. off the floor. However, you have to think about how your sink will take away or add from the height of the countertop. When you’ve got a vessel sink above the counter, for instance, you will need to make your counter height lower for you to comfortably brush your teeth or wash your hands.   

Comprehend the dimension of a standard bathroom   

Knowing some key measurements, such as the amount of space required for a toilet or the size of a normal bathtub, can aid you in planning your bathroom renovation more efficiently.   

Come up with a lighting scheme   

Incorporating layers of decorative, ambient, accent, and task lighting is the best approach to achieve a well-lit space. To get your lighting right, make sure to consult with your lighting specialist or bathroom designer.   

Make sure that your toilet isn’t the first thing that you see after opening the door   

Legit bathroom designers would highly recommend this tip after you ask them about their tried and the tested tip regarding this concern. This is simply because bathroom doors tend to become left open. This means that you or any visitor in your house who walks by will immediately see your toilet. And this is not the most pleasing thing to see. When you want to achieve a spa-like feel, putting your toilet center and front of the design can kind of kill the vibe as you transition and get closer to the room. This tip only implies that you can make anything the focal point of your bathroom but the toilet.   

Determine the approximate cost of a bathroom renovation project   

Before starting any project, it’s vital to set your expectations into perspective in terms of how much money you are planning to use and invest. Several factors can affect a remodel project’s cost—especially if you want to perform some of the labor by yourself. Some of these factors include the quality of materials you plan to use, your bathroom’s size, and more.   


What is Neurofeedback Training and Its Side Effects? 

Neurofeedback training is the process of bringing the brain to a more balanced state. The negative effects occurring will be identified and corrected when proper training is done. This is why at the first day of training EEG scan is required by the patient and throughout the training process. 

There are some small side effects of this process. Most who undergo this training feels tired and can last for a couple of days. This is due to the brain is wired into working in an unaccustomed way. Here are other facts about neurofeedback training.  

Facts about Neurofeedback Training 

a. Even if you are under medication, it is safe to participate in neurofeedback training. But there is certain medication not fit for this process. It is best to take it once you are medication free. Medication used for memory and the central nervous system can negatively affect the process of your training. This therapy is only used to reduce the symptom not treat the problem. If symptoms are reduced, then medication is also reduced to improve the functioning. 

b. Children can also do neurofeedback training. Even so, age is still an important factor to consider. Though there are children at the age of three who respond well to the training, it is still recommended that age around seven is the minimum age to undergo the process. The brain has already reached its maturity and stability level to respond. Teenagers are also found out to do well at neurofeedback process.  

c. With the proper therapy, side effects can be avoided. This is why it is very important to find a neurofeedback training NYC clinic that has years of experience in this field. A professional that has not obtain any training and certification in mental health should not be doing this business. It is important to know that the clinic is licensed to do the training. 

Tips in Hiring a Neurofeedback Therapist 

1. Will you train with the therapist in a clinic? If you are looking for someone to train in this service in NYC, find someone who has years of experience in administering the neurofeedback process. The trainer will create changes in your brain by comparing your brain pattern to a normal brain pattern. Someone who has no degree in this field should have no business doing this kind of therapy. You don’t want to risk your mental state to someone who has no training. 

2. How much is the price of the training? Consider also the price when hiring neurofeedback trainer. Usually, the training can cause $200 and up. Beware of the clinic who offers cheap prices. Make sure to go only to a clinic that is recommended by many. 

3. The EEG sensor device. The professional trainer will have a sensor device called EEG. It is placed at the scalp of the patient to collect electrical information of the brain. It is sent then to the software for translating. One indication that you are in the right clinic for such training is the presence of this sensor device.