Design Tips to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom  

Know the following proven and tested design hacks to avoid future headaches as you do your next bathroom remodel San Francisco project. Find out more below:   

Choose the ideal vanity   

Vanity mirrors are not only intended for looks. Have one excessively big and you can mess up the traffic routes of your bathroom. If you get too small, you will be wanting more storage and countertop space. Choose the wrong material and you will get maintenance issues with you.   

Consider a tiny tub   

For small bathrooms, you may believe that you can’t have a bathtub of your own. However, companies are already making their models smaller today to cater to little chic areas.   

Think about getting a corner sink.   

You can also think about placing your sink in the corner if you have a close space with possible traffic-flow issues because of how the shower door or entry door swings open. Doing so can help in freeing up more space.   

Plan the ideal height for your sink   

Usually, countertops are 32-34 in. off the floor. However, you have to think about how your sink will take away or add from the height of the countertop. When you’ve got a vessel sink above the counter, for instance, you will need to make your counter height lower for you to comfortably brush your teeth or wash your hands.   

Comprehend the dimension of a standard bathroom   

Knowing some key measurements, such as the amount of space required for a toilet or the size of a normal bathtub, can aid you in planning your bathroom renovation more efficiently.   

Come up with a lighting scheme   

Incorporating layers of decorative, ambient, accent, and task lighting is the best approach to achieve a well-lit space. To get your lighting right, make sure to consult with your lighting specialist or bathroom designer.   

Make sure that your toilet isn’t the first thing that you see after opening the door   

Legit bathroom designers would highly recommend this tip after you ask them about their tried and the tested tip regarding this concern. This is simply because bathroom doors tend to become left open. This means that you or any visitor in your house who walks by will immediately see your toilet. And this is not the most pleasing thing to see. When you want to achieve a spa-like feel, putting your toilet center and front of the design can kind of kill the vibe as you transition and get closer to the room. This tip only implies that you can make anything the focal point of your bathroom but the toilet.   

Determine the approximate cost of a bathroom renovation project   

Before starting any project, it’s vital to set your expectations into perspective in terms of how much money you are planning to use and invest. Several factors can affect a remodel project’s cost—especially if you want to perform some of the labor by yourself. Some of these factors include the quality of materials you plan to use, your bathroom’s size, and more.