What is Neurofeedback Training and Its Side Effects? 

Neurofeedback training is the process of bringing the brain to a more balanced state. The negative effects occurring will be identified and corrected when proper training is done. This is why at the first day of training EEG scan is required by the patient and throughout the training process. 

There are some small side effects of this process. Most who undergo this training feels tired and can last for a couple of days. This is due to the brain is wired into working in an unaccustomed way. Here are other facts about neurofeedback training.  

Facts about Neurofeedback Training 

a. Even if you are under medication, it is safe to participate in neurofeedback training. But there is certain medication not fit for this process. It is best to take it once you are medication free. Medication used for memory and the central nervous system can negatively affect the process of your training. This therapy is only used to reduce the symptom not treat the problem. If symptoms are reduced, then medication is also reduced to improve the functioning. 

b. Children can also do neurofeedback training. Even so, age is still an important factor to consider. Though there are children at the age of three who respond well to the training, it is still recommended that age around seven is the minimum age to undergo the process. The brain has already reached its maturity and stability level to respond. Teenagers are also found out to do well at neurofeedback process.  

c. With the proper therapy, side effects can be avoided. This is why it is very important to find a neurofeedback training NYC clinic that has years of experience in this field. A professional that has not obtain any training and certification in mental health should not be doing this business. It is important to know that the clinic is licensed to do the training. 

Tips in Hiring a Neurofeedback Therapist 

1. Will you train with the therapist in a clinic? If you are looking for someone to train in this service in NYC, find someone who has years of experience in administering the neurofeedback process. The trainer will create changes in your brain by comparing your brain pattern to a normal brain pattern. Someone who has no degree in this field should have no business doing this kind of therapy. You don’t want to risk your mental state to someone who has no training. 

2. How much is the price of the training? Consider also the price when hiring neurofeedback trainer. Usually, the training can cause $200 and up. Beware of the clinic who offers cheap prices. Make sure to go only to a clinic that is recommended by many. 

3. The EEG sensor device. The professional trainer will have a sensor device called EEG. It is placed at the scalp of the patient to collect electrical information of the brain. It is sent then to the software for translating. One indication that you are in the right clinic for such training is the presence of this sensor device. 

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